Softphone for voip telephone systems

Softphone or Physical Handset for a VoIP Telephone system

Softphone or Physical Handset for a VoIP Telephone system

Over the past few years, we have noticed many UK businesses, from small to large corporations have switched their telecommunication to Voice over Internet Protocol aka VoIP providers. The modern communication system is expanding day-to-day and it’s become hard for businesses to rely on usual telecom providers due to some drawbacks and there you’ve got VoIP.

VoIP is just a protocol many service providers offer over the internet where you have two options to choose from—one is a softphone and the other is a physical handset. In the article, we will discuss their details including the pros and cons and help you decide which one you should pick.


A VoIP softphone runs through a software program on a PC, Laptop, or mobile handset which allows you to communicate over VoIP. The hosted VoIP providers ensure that their clients can make and receive calls anywhere and anytime as an extension that opens up a remote and flexible working environment. If you are using softphone software on your PCs or laptops, you will require a headset which is not mandatory when you are on a mobile device.

Overall, it’s very ideal for those who travel for business purposes or work remotely to access their working place’s phone system from their current locations as well as for telecommuters, call center employees, and others no extra physical phone is necessary. But like others, it has some drawbacks too. The audio quality varies over the device you use for communication. Usually, the voice quality is lost while minimizing your cost.

VoIP Physical Handset

It’s easy to get confused with softphone and VoIP phones. Like ordinary landline sets, a VoIP phone is a hard phone that connects you to the internet first then allows you to use VoIP. Unlike the other softphone devices, it’s solely dedicated to communication with an extra small screen showing the caller information. It is directly connected through the hosted secure data center via the internet. It doesn’t need to be wired always and you can pick a wireless one too.

Since it has a dedicated physical device, you’ll get high-quality voice clarity and it’s only available at your workplace. You can switch back to a softphone whenever you are moving outside without considering to have another number. That’s why we recommend you consider VoIP physical devices in the office because of quality and security purposes and use softphones while working remotely. It has more additional features than a softphone does.

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